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Which Side Are You On: Smooth Or Bold?

With premium beers making its case, Tiger Beer is uncaging two new specialty brews.

BY Editors | Oct 20, 2017 | Advertorial

Go Smooth

What would a name as enduring as Tiger Beer do? And that is the question. To be the best version of oneself was the label’s answer in redefining one of the most recognised brews in Singapore. When they unleashed the Tiger Black and the Tiger White last month, the iconic label was making a strong statement: expect the unexpected.

Go bold

With the boldness of the Tiger Black lager and the smoothness of the Tiger White wheat beer, the homegrown label is out to defy conventions and to make it their own. Since the founding of the label some 85 years ago, the household name continues to evolve. The Tiger Black and White is a reflection of today’s demands and they will continue to lead the pack. As you would.

Tiger Beer, the nation’s brew, is all grown up now. If its current character is anything to go by, one can only expect an embodiment of surprises. Parlaying with its own panache, the iconic brew unleashed two new offerings: the Tiger Black and the Tiger White.

What could be considered as one of the nation’s most recognised and enduring labels, Tiger Beer is putting its global experience on the table, coasters and all, with a bold lager and a smooth wheat beer.

Tiger Black:

Made in Singapore, the Tiger Black is a rich and full strength lager brewed with raw black rice found from the fields around the region. At 5.5 percent ABV, the lager hits all the right spots, whether you're toasting with your pals at a sophisticated rooftop bar or the basement of a nu-jazz club. It exudes the contemporary sophistication of the Rat Pack if they were ever knocking back a couple of pints down the local strip.

Tiger White:

With the Tiger White, here's a special something befitting an early communal excursion. The wheat beer is brewed to its natural cloudiness and goes down as smooth as silk. A nod to the artisans of yore, this contemporary offering jives with the demands of today's particular beer aficionados. It strikes a sweet and refreshing chord whether you're on the float at a beach bar or serenading as a host at an intimate house dinner.

We want us a couple of pints of these specialty brews because nothing says #uncagetheunexpected than with the Tiger Black and Tiger White.

The Tiger Black and the Tiger White are available at selected bars and all major supermarkets and convenience stores. For more information, click here.