Chanel Lyn

Flight of fancy.

BY EDITORS | Jan 29, 2016 | The Women We Love of Instagram

Photographs from Chanel Lyn's Instagram

From stints as a Singapore Airlines stewardess to modeling, make no mistake, Chanel channels fanciness with ease. But her most memorable job so far? Working at the Jurong Bird Park. She's also a Funny Joke From A Beautiful Woman alumnae. Watch her take flight, and show us that you can be both parts sexy and goofy, and all-round awesome.







saturday waddup

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got dark and dangerous marked down 🔫. (big love to @salonvim and @priscillia_loo for the new hair colour 😉)

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why waste money on foundation/teatox(?) when you have the natural wonders of lemon water 🍋✨ drink up!

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