Tasha Lu

She'll whip up a drink and fire off a joke. It's time for the world to know of the ambassador for Hendrick’s Gin for Southeast Asia, Tasha Lu.

BY EDITORS | Jul 13, 2016 | Funny Jokes From Beautiful Women

Joke: There was once a man named Odd. And people made fun of him because of his name but when he died, it was willed that his gravestone should be blank. Now when people passed by the burial site, they'd point and say, "That's odd."


Sloe-eyed and raven-haired, the only hint of colour ripples from her tattoo sleeves, half-done and living; Tasha Lu, 29, makes for an appropriate ambassador for Hendrick’s Gin for Southeast Asia. She’s different, yes. Some might even call her alternative—for a sample of our conversation, we talked about the downsides of immortality, and her four-headed duck and baby-head air fresheners—but Lu isn’t weird for weird’s sake. As natural as gravity, she is drawn to the oddness of the world, straying from the oft fenced-in path for the rabbit hole. Back in Perth, she started out as a sales administrator for a real estate company, before finding work at other temp jobs. These were foisted on her, of course, but she carved out a secret identity as a bartender on the weekends. Being fired from one of her office jobs, however, gave Lu the impetus to focus more on her bartending gig before moving to Perth for a full-time stint at a cocktail bar. Eight years later, just before the opening of her own bar, the proposal of Hendrick’s Gin ambassadorship came a-calling. We can only watch Lu with awe as she continues her life not “clubbed into dank submission”, but being life’s wondrous peculiarity.

From: Esquire Singapore's The Big Food And Drinks Book.