Michelle Sng

A national athlete tells us a joke.

BY EDITORS | Feb 21, 2016 | Funny Jokes From Beautiful Women

The joke: What do you get when you put root beer into a square mug? Beer. 


Funny story: it came to pass that we had to shoot multiple Funny Joke tellers on the same day. The first recipient (unnamed for the purpose of this story) finished her shoot and was removing her make-up, when, Michelle Sng, who was up next, entered the room. Sng’s outfit (see image) revealed the full splendour of her abs. At the sight of her six-pack, the unnamed woman exclaimed, “Wah”, and spontaneously reached out to touch them, much to the shock of everybody else in the room (it is not known whether the unnamed woman realises the social faux pas of her actions). “It’s seasonal,” Sng says of her abs. “It depends on the stages of training that I’m involved in. Sometimes, they’re more prominent. Other times, they’re faint.” The 28-year-old is indifferent to her abs. She sees the body shape of a woman, not so much in terms of curves or slenderness, but rather the fit, the ideal sort that she wants for herself. But a defined core is essential to her high jump. Breaking the national record (1.84m!), after a three-year sabbatical, and winning her first SEA Games medal (a bronze) aren’t achievements to be scoffed at. We wager we’ll be seeing more of Sng, but remember the age-old adage, “Look, but please don’t touch”, and you’ll be fine.

First published in Esquire Singapore's August 2015 issue.