Isabel Tan

The 20-year-old creative tells us a joke.

BY EDITORS | May 4, 2016 | Funny Jokes From Beautiful Women

Joke: Why can't you trust a tree on a sunny day?
Beause they are always so shady?


Ask Isabel Tan if she's an influencer and she'll say through gritted teeth: "That's not what I want to be, but if that's what you want to refer to me as..." She sees herself more as a creative. "When brands approach me," Tan says, "I send them mood boards of what I feel I can do for them. When it comes to photos and everything, I'll scout for shoot locations; I've an idea of how the shoot will go because, to me, every photo is art." Further examination of her Instagram account (@prettyfrowns) reveals that she never smiles in most of her posts. Sometimes, it looks like she does, but it's always a hint, never a bloom of a smile. "It's a persona," Tan says emphatically. "Once the camera comes out, I don't smile in photos." This stems from her being told since young that she has a weird smile. By her mum. To support her mum's case, Tan shows us a photo from her childhood—she's standing next to a monkey and she has a, well, grimace? "Note the monkey's balls dragging on the floor," Tan says. "And he's wearing eye shadow." Well, we would probably have a werid smile too, if we were posing next to an eye-shadowed simian with disregard for pants. Let's hope that when she ventures into, maybe, hosting, the smiling will come easy to her. 

From: Esquire Singapore's May 2016 issue.