Sandra Riley Tang

She sings, plays an instrument, teaches yoga, and now she tells jokes? If comedy doesn't work out for her, at least she can still fall back on the rest of her CV.

BY EDITORS | Apr 6, 2016 | Funny Jokes From Beautiful Women

Nicky Loh


Joke: Why did the little boy fall off the swing?
Because he had no arms.


Two years ago, Sandra Riley Tang, 25, bought a Groupon for a month’s worth of unlimited yoga classes. “Being the Singaporean that I am, I went, like, four times a week,” Tang says. “You’d find me at a yoga class 20 days out of the month.” Then she took up the offer to train as a teacher, and now, runs her own yoga studio, The Yoga Co. But that’s a secondary endeavour. Still a member of the band, The Sam Willows, Tang has a tour to look forward to. “It’ll be KL first, and then probably Sydney. We’ll be doing a lot of promos throughout Southeast Asia.” And what of a concert here in Singapore? “There will be one, but the date has not been announced yet,” Tang says with a shrug. Well, we’ll be waiting. But in the meantime, maybe we can sign up for some yoga classes… Hmm, wonder if there’s a Groupon for The Yoga Co?

From: Esquire Singapore's April 2016 issue.