Michelle Tan

The model tells us a funny joke

BY EDITORS | Dec 1, 2015 | Funny Jokes From Beautiful Women

Video by Jach Chua. Photograph by Chuck Reyes. Styling by Janie Cai. Styling assisted by Joy Ling. Hair by Alicia Tey at Mosche Hair Salon using Redken. Makeup by Joanna Koh at Indigo Artisans using Laneige.

The joke: During a lesson, a teacher realises a student isn’t paying attention, so she asks him a question. “Three ducks are sitting on a fence. If you shoot one down, how many are left?”

Johnny replies, “None, because the firing of the gun will scare the rest away.”

The teacher says, “Wrong, the correct answer is two, but I like how you think.”

“Well,” Johnny says, “lemme ask you a question: there are three women eating ice cream; one is sucking, one is biting and one is licking their dessert. Who is married?”

Without thinking too much, the teacher replies, “The one sucking the ice cream.”

“Wrong,” Johnny says. “The correct answer is the one who is wearing the wedding ring, but I like how you think.”


Do people take Michelle Tan seriously? She of tawny mane, large dark eyes and slender frame can’t sit still. Or more precisely, for long stretches of time.

There’s a problem with my tailbone, she says. Long movies are out of the equation, as is meditation in a lotus position. But that’s a good thing. Let’s turn that half-empty glass into one that’s half-full. That wonky tailbone keeps her active, keeps her moving. Like her dancing. For about 15 years, Tan has danced across all manner of disciplines: Latin, jazz, ballet.

Now, she has moved into acting as part of the gang on the popular YouTube sketch channel, Night Owl Cinematics (NOC). And strangely, Tan admits to a lack of thespian experience. “But if they need someone sexy for the role, they’ll choose me,” she adds.

Sex appeal notwithstanding, it’s rare to encounter someone who’s so frank about her strengths, but she’s funny, right?

“Some of my friends crack jokes effortlessly and make people around them laugh. I’m not a funny person. When you meet me, you won’t take me as a joker.”

A beat but it’s too late to stop the punchline. “You’ll take me seriously.” *rim shot*

First published in Esquire Singapore's December 2015 issue.