Daphne Khoo

The singer tells us a funny joke

BY EDITORS | Oct 1, 2015 | Funny Jokes From Beautiful Women

Video by Jach Chua. Photograph by Chuck Reyes. Styling by Janie Cai. Assisted by Joy Ling. Hair by Alicia Tey Mosche Hair Salon using Redken. Make-up by Joanna Koh/ Indigo Artis ans using Urban Decay.

The joke: What do two oceans do when they meet each other? They wave.


Remember Daphne Khoo? Appeared on the first season of Singapore Idol, won Dick Lee over with her rendition of “You Can’t Hurry Love” and strangely had Florence Lian fawning over her weight loss during the competition. Despite her aplomb, Khoo finished in fourth place, but hold off any conclusion at this juncture, because that’s not the entire story.

She made music well before Singapore Idoland she’ll be damned if she doesn’t carry on with it now. She has accomplished much: hosted gigs; debuted her solo album, Desperate; garnered Best Breakout Solo Artist at the Singapore Music Awards in 2008; attended the prestigious Berklee College of Music; collaborated with many EDM artists; and performed “Greatest” at the recent 28th SEA Games and 8th ASEAN Para Games.

But there is one standout accomplishment on her CV: during her time at Berklee, Khoo was diagnosed with a rare form of ovarian cancer. The operation removed her “left ovary and left fallopian tube”, along with the tumour that was “13cm in diameter”. Complications from the abdominal surgery left her intestines struggling to work properly.

She recovered, but later underwent nine weeks of three cycles of chemotherapy. She has been cancer-free ever since. Throughout her ordeal, Khoo chose to see the glass as half-full; gallows humour at the ready, she once joked that the upside to the chemo drugs was how they cleared up her eczema.

She continues to kick butt and make music, and she has both in spades. Surviving and living, that’s what makes her a winner in our book.

First published in Esquire Singapore's October 2015 issue.