Create A Lasting Impression With The Tissot Chrono XL Collection

It wonít go unnoticed on your wrist.

BY Editors | Jul 7, 2017 | News

A timepiece is one of few sartorial items that allow men to express their personality with. Besides its valuable time-telling properties, a watch’s distinctive design and built will also provide clues on the wearer’s individuality.

Those with a penchant for a sizeable calibre will probably be attracted to the Tissot Chrono XL collection—a pronounced series that’s unashamed of its size. As one of the largest chronographs produced by Tissot, the Chrono XL is characterised by its massive 45mm stainless steel case and features a large dial that makes time easily readable.

The Chrono XL collection was presented at Baselworld earlier this year and comes in multiple styles—from the vintage old school straps finished in various shades of brown with stylish stitches to the sophisticated feel of the matte stainless steel bracelet. The classically chic grey or black PVD coating treatment on the large case adds character and the choice of dials vary in dark green, blue or black.

Fusing Tissot’s DNA with a contemporary urban sense, this Swiss-made chronograph is an affordable choice that does not compromise on both quality and style.