Most Wanted: Hublot Ferrari MP-05 LaFerrari Sapphire

Be the baddest dude at the playground with Hublot's tourbillon.

BY Lestari Hairul | Apr 5, 2016 | News


Upon strapping this on our wrists, our first instinct was to go “beep beep beep beep beep beep” and wait for Alpha-5’s voice to come through. To be fair, it really should remind you more of the Transformers. We kid, of course. The stunning all-sapphire crystal case is meant to emulate the LaFerrari’s, as in the actual car’s, engine bay. Pieced together from seven parts, it houses the cool 637 components making up the tourbillon movementkind of like the car’s engine on display except this hefty guy is mechanical. It’ll last you 50 days after which you’ll need a Hublot power drill to get it all wound up again. We only got to play with a prototype since the actual watch has yet to get here, but with only 20 pieces available worldwide, you'd better get to it quick. 

Available at Hublot boutiques.