Ask A Bro About Your Fro: Sleeping Masks

For the first edition of this grooming column, we speak to veteran make-up artist, Keith Bryant Lee, on the need for facial masks.

BY Eugene Lim | Jul 11, 2016 | Grooming

You don't get to become a man at his best, without asking a few questions first. With the rise of spornosexual and metrosexual, along with the steady growth of menswear industry, the modern man is no longer afraid to care about how he looks. While we have taken steps in the right direction, grooming habits and tips are still not topics we comfortably discuss over beers (or cocktails with fruits in them, who cares) with the boys.

Which is interesting, because male grooming is one of the most searched topics on Google, and unlike style, you can't chock it up to having a great eye for grooming products. In this section, we, with the help of grooming experts, answer all your grooming queries and concerns.

First up, it's Keith Bryant Lee, veteran Make-Up artist on identifying the need for a facial mask and your best fuss-free option.

ESQ: Hello Keith, how do I tell if I need to start using a facial mask?

Keith Bryant Lee: If your face is starting to flake, there is a feeling of tightness or signs of facial lines appearing. I would recommend a hydrating mask.

ESQ: Do you have any recommendation for a hydrating mask that is easy and fuss-free to use?

Keith Bryant Lee: I would recommend LANEIGE's Water Sleeping Mask, all you got to do is apply daily it right after showering, and head to bed. Once you feel less of the tightness and appearance of facial lines, you can cut it down to twice a week.