White sneakers parade

Our favourite white sneakers this month

BY JANIE CAI | Jan 1, 2016 | Shoes

Photograph by Raymond Lee. Styling by Lim Siu Fang.

Above left to right: Dior Homme leather sneakers, SGD495; Louis Vuitton Epi leather sneaker boots, SGD1,220; Coach leather sneakers, SGD495; Saint Laurent canvas and leather sneakers, SGD710.

It is classic, modern and fresh. It goes with almost everything in your wardrobe, and now comes in a slew of variations that would make even Mark “Mayor” Farese do a double take. That would go some way to explaining the omnipotence of the white sneaker, but then again, you could just say nothing and let your shoes do the talking.

First published in Esquire Singapore's January 2016 issue.