Stylish Men Of Instagram: Simone Marchetti

All hail the king of prints.

BY Eugene Lim | Jul 7, 2016 | Fashion

Simone Marchetti channels one motto: "Don't ever give in to mediocrity. Try always to fly higher and higher". He pushes his personal maxim through discerning and in-depth reportage on the fashion industry for one the leading papers of Milan, titled La Repubblica, as well as his own style.
Never one to settle, Marchetti is known for incorporating bright and vibrant prints with sharp Italian tailoring into his wardrobe. He separates himself from the pack of style peacocks through his restraint, and a keen eye for style that makes him a favourite of streetstyle photographers.
More than a one-trick pony, he doesn't limit himself to prints. Marchetti never fears pushing set boundaries, whether through switching up and working different silhouettes. The Italian maven's bold fashion choices mirror his reportage style - daring, insightful and very sophisticated.

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