So Style For What: Is It Worth To Pay Top Dollar For Clothes?

Paying the premium for designer clothing has become the norm, but how do you justify the price to yourself?

BY EUGENE LIM | Jul 19, 2016 | Fashion

Tyler Joe

The goal of Esquire Singapore has always been to guide the modern man to being the best that he can be, but when we are talking about clothes and accessories, what really constitutes being the best?

With the vast advancement in fabric technology and improvement of construction techniques, it's hard to fathom that there was a time where procuring an affordable T-shirt that fit and had a shelf life of more than 10 washes was difficult. 

Nowadays, you just pop into your favourite high street store, and you could get one for less than the cost of a meal at your favourite restaurant, which one can argue is a form of luxury in itself.

As the quality of clothing improves across the board, does it still make sense to shell out the extra dough for a similar-looking product from one of the luxury brands?

Well, it depends. 

Take the classic shirt for an example. It's a staple for the industrious white collar folks that populate the Central Business District. In our climate though, where it's just not practical to wearing a fully lined wool suit, your shirt is your armour, and as armours go, they should fit and be made of the best material possible.


One of your better options would be the Ermenegildo Zegna 100fili shirt, made from the best Egyptian cotton, where the longer fibres allow for a weave with higher thread count. It produces less lint, is light and formal enough to be worn through the day without wrinkling like linen would. They also provide an in-house service that ensures nothing leaves their stores without fitting like a glove.

Sure, it might be more costly, but the longevity of it means that you spend less money buying the same thing over and over again, freeing up the extra cash to allow you to explore other shirting patterns.


On the other end of the spectrum, if denim is your go-to choice of uniform, and you'd like to avoid the torturous breaking-in process, the Miracle Air Jeans from UNIQLO are a good consideration. The denim fanatics may frown on it (but really, do you dress to impress denimheads?), you can't knock the lightness of the jeans. They even possess the right amount of stretch, keeping a clear distance away from jeggings territory. The competitive price point is just the cherry on top.

Understand your needs, do your research and explore your options. Like Rome, your wardrobe is not built in a day. Look past the price tag and have your garment work for you. 


Pro-Tip: If you have to tell someone where your clothes are from, then you're doing it wrong.