So Style For What: The Wedding Suit

If terribly taken wedding photos are enough to capture the attention of our nation, why donít horrible wedding suits have the same effect?

BY Eugene Lim | Apr 19, 2016 | Fashion


I am sure that, by now, you guys are familiar with the unfortunate and hilarious story about a local couple and their horrible wedding pictures. The uploaded photos went viral in a matter of hours, with thousands of comments and shares by an outraged, albeit thouroughly amused, public. 

For an event as monumental as a wedding (something most of us aren’t looking to do too many times), the recommended attitude when planning and approaching one should be “do it once, do it well”.

On that note, I wonder why horrible suits don't have quite the same effect as bad wedding photos or a terrible wedding band.

While the star of all weddings should undoubtedly be the bride, it boggles my mind how those ridiculous shiny, ill-fitting suits often paired with French cuff shirts with plasticity diamond shaped buttons, finished with either strips of black fabrics pinned to the neck, desperately trying to pass off for a cravat or ties with elastic bands, are still routinely offered to men.

Instead of a well-cut tuxedo, why do some men still dress like a twisted version of Prince Charming on the biggest day of their life?

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