So Style For What: Form Or Function?

Form follows function葉hat is great for modern architecture, but when it comes to your next purchase, which matters more?

BY Eugene Lim | Jun 2, 2016 | Fashion

Before we begin, this writer would like to acknowledge that it is possible to own an article of clothing or accessory that manages to amalgamate both form and function in the design process.

From the Envelope Bag from Tod’s F/W16 collection, constructed from beautiful leather with loads of roomy compartments and the addition a foldable leather flap that allows you to transform it from a satchel to a tote bag, to the ACRONYM x Nikelab Lunar Air Force 1, sold out everywhere and seen on menswear guru Nick Wooster during Paris fashion week, it's a fact that there are many products in the style-o-sphere that manage to meld both form and function. 

But the point is not to question the existence of products that are both aesthetically pleasing and utilitarian, but rather, to discern if quality matters in influencing your decision to cop or drop when it boils down to brass tax.

Take for instance this recent conundrum I faced; multiple moments of weakness on my recent trip in Japan led to me buying more items than my trusty old luggage could carry. The solution: to shop for a check-in luggage (genius, I know). It came down to either a large duffle or a weekender from Head Porter. While neither lacked in form or function, my decision to purchase the roomy weekender over compartmentalized duffle came down to a preference for form.

I'd be interested to know what influences your decision to purchase, is it form? Or function? Or are you a guy that won't part with the dough for anything less than a simple combination of both?