So Style For What: Black (Belt) And Brown (Shoes)

Pondering style greatest mystery starts with the most common faux pas, the pairing of brown shoes and black belt, or vice versa.

BY Eugene Lim | Apr 5, 2016 | Fashion

To start off this bi-weekly style column, first we ponder: why you are here on this page at all. If you are looking for answers, then I am sorry to disappoint, you won’t find any here. The point of this section is not to answer all the style questions you might have; we do that at Ask Janie.

In this four percent of the Internet that most of us have access to (nobody Googles “10 different ties you should wear for a summer garden wedding” on the dark web), it’s filled with authoritative voices; people who got their style knowledge sorted, dishing their two cents worth on style greatest mysteries.

Think of this section like a Yahoo ask, where I do the asking, and you, our loyal readers, and also trolls (the Internet would not be as awesome without you guys) do the answering.

Let’s start small, with one of the biggest faux pas in menswear—Why do men still pair black shoes and brown belts, or vice versa?

Almost every single guide on menswear starts off by telling you that you should avoid the pairing of black shoe with brown belt, yet you still see it happening all the time.

Are they flipping the bird off to sartorial savants? Are they allowed to only wear black shoes to work, and want to stand out from the sea of menswear cultist who worship the rules? Or do they generally not give a damn?

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