Robert Pattinson x Karl Lagerfeld For Dior Homme Pre-Fall Collection

The face of Dior Homme fragrance since June 2012, Robert Pattinson's close relationship with the brand over the years has transitioned to fronting the campaign for the brandís upcoming ready-to-wear Pre-Fall collection.

BY Mhd Alif | Jun 6, 2016 | Fashion

“It’s a kind of dressed-down Fridaywear but for grown-ups,” states Creative Director Kris Van Assche of his Dior Homme A/W16 Pre-Fall collection. In a colour palette bringing together blues—navy to indigo—and gold, by way of khaki, the entire wardrobe comes to life, especially when lensed by Karl Lagerfeld with Robert Pattinson as its campaign frontman.

Pattinson’s stock at Dior Homme is certainly on the rise. The face of Dior Homme fragrance since June 2012, the 30-year-old’s close relationship with the brand over the years has transitioned to fronting the campaign for the brand’s upcoming ready-to-wear Pre-Fall collection. All the more remarkable considering this is the first time that the label has used a Hollywood actor for their fashion campaign. With a brooding demeanour, Pattinson looks poised to represent the next generation of the Dior Homme Man, embodying the sense of casual-chic that sums up the season’s sporty yet formal look.

It is a collection that pays attention to the finer elements, endorsing a style that invites you to break the norm. Two-button wool jackets with tennis stripes are teamed with trousers with darts and zipped ankles; the iconic red-and-white checked motifs found on trench coat linings make their way onto shirts, while technical fabric is seen on coats and shoes. Footwear plays up the juxtapositions present—black or blue calfskin Derby shoes go hybrid with rubber soles as sneakers get the same patina as city shoes. The lines between demarcated styles are blurred—clothing becomes multi-hyphenate, just like the stars behind the campaign. 

Karl Lagerfeld, much-storied visionary of Chanel, Fendi and his own eponymous label, is a famous photographer in his own right. A passionate fan of Dior Homme since the Hedi Slimane days (Lagerfeld famously lost weight so that he could fit into Slimane’s slim-fit designs), his unshakeable commitment to his goals is a mark of his enduring pursuit of excellence and his visionary outlook, just like the Dior Homme Man. As the exclusive behind-the-scenes shots can attest, these two heavyweights in fashion and film work with the same positive energy, while the collection is fittingly represented against an urban backdrop in recognition of Dior’s heritage.

As for the collection, it displays the contemporary elegance and allure of Dior Homme, injected with Van Assche’s style DNA that calls up precisely cut, exquisitely-made clothes. A parka over a sharply-tailored suit evokes covert vibes of rugged masculinity. In another shot, Pattinson lounges in a checked shirt layered over a long-sleeved top and paired with smart, fitted trousers together with shades, encapsulating with perfect insouciance a fashionable off-duty option. Details abound—jackets feature tailoring fabrics such as wool twill, and the hooded parka is in overdyed khaki or blue nappa with technical canvas facing that suggests structure without undue weight. The varsity jacket is made from gold wool gabardine or blue nubuck, while jogging bottoms make an entrance into the Pre-Fall collection for a look that blends utilitarian comfort with a dash of sportive influence. 

From: Esquire Singapore's June 2016 issue.