3 Helpful Tips To Tackle A Suit Fitting

What to remember when doing a suit fitting.

BY Gordon Ng | Mar 2, 2016 | Fashion

Images from BOSS

Once you have your first made-to-measure suit done up, you'll immediately realise the joy of wearing something that fits you perfectly. The style of the suit is selected off the rack, before tailors fit it to your physique. The results of the two to three fittings that you go for will ensure that the sleeves end where they need to, the waist is tapered to accentuate your body and the trouser cuffs break just above the front of your shoe so that a sliver of ankle sock peeks out when you sit down. Each fitting is about honing the suit to fit you perfectly. For those new to the made-to-measure experience, or any tailoring experience for that matter, the following three tips will help ensure you get the most out of your fittings.

1 | Dress Appropriately

No shorts and singlets, please. Put on your best-fitting shirt and trousers, which can help your tailor get an idea of the kind of fit you’re looking for. Since made-to-measure relies on template patterns, this can take some guesswork in figuring out the best cut for you. For the record, you’re getting measured for a custom suit, don’t look like a bum.

2 | Normal Stance

No point hiding your hunch because your new suit should do that for you. Let your tailor get a proper sense of how you stand, because a custom suit’s construction works off of that. A well-made suit takes into account the slouch and carriage of its wearer and compensates or highlights such features.

3 | Wear the Right Shoes

Would you wear a slipper with a tux? Hell no. Two things: respect for your tailor and give him a better understanding of how the finished suit will look with the shoes you intend to wear it with. This also allows a precise calculation of the break of your trousers and an estimation of the silhouette.

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