Gucci Cruise 2017 In The House That Uncle Ng Built

Take a multiple winner of the UOB Painting of the Year award, splash on some key pieces from the Gucci Cruise 2017 collection, and there you have it: art.

BY Lestari Hairul | Dec 22, 2016 | Fashion

Photographs by Kai


Alessandro Michele has brought the symbiotic relationship between art and fashion to its meta form with the scooping up of GucciGhost. And that’s why you have these bags emblazoned with Trevor Andrew’s (that’s the normie handle for GucciGhost) handiwork driving fashion addicts mad in a shopping frenzy.

Do you get it? You don’t have to. It’s art writ large. But beyond the refreshing collaboration between fashion house and graffiti artist are thoughtful pieces well tempered by Michele’s Anglophile underpinnings. The public school boy threads continue on in the Cruise collection and, really, you don’t have to be still completing your Sixth Form to be able to pull it off.


Wool suit, wool cardigan, cotton shirt, leather boots, cotton socks and leather tote, all by Gucci.


Here, Ng Yak Whee, a respected member of the local art community, models for us. In an echo of the “Gucci 4 Rooms” exhibition that concluded last month in Tokyo, we shoot him in his abode chock-full of over 1,000 paintings spanning a four-decade run in the industry.

That’s only part of what he’s done, of course, with many pieces in private collections and on display in hotels and other public spaces. One Kind House, as Ng’s residence is now called, is a hive of activity. It’s where groups of future thinkers, disrupters and iconoclasts gather at the table over beautifully cooked food with ingredients harvested from the rows upon rows of homegrown vegetables.


Wool sweater, cotton shirt, wool trousers, leather boots, cotton socks and leather holdall, all by Gucci.


This is our homage to what art has injected into fashion continually through the ages. And how art has moved, inspired and revolutionised thinking at each epoch of human civilisation. Highfalutin words for a fashion spread? Look beyond the surface trend and embrace the thought behind each detail of the worsted wool, the silk shirts and the buckled boots. Therein lie the artefacts of our ever-evolving imagination.

Grooming by Larry Yeo using SKII Men and LaBiosthetique Hair.