G2000's S/S16 Collection Takes You Through The Day In Slick Style

Formalwear need not be stuffy.

BY EDITORS | Jun 21, 2016 | Fashion

Formalwear need not be stuffy. Throw your conceptions out of the window and embrace the breezy cool of G2000's S/S16 collection. Its wide variety of ready-to-wear pieces blends smoothly into your style arsenal with endless pattern, colour and design options tailored to your lifestyle. Don't be surprised if these versatile buggers spend more time with you out conquering the world than in the dubious recesses of your wardrobe. 

The classic suit is often seen as an emblem of refined masculinity through the ages. On modern terms, enter patterned suits; plaid checks, colour jacqard and stripe patterns add that much pizzazz to your workday. We especially love the tonal colour fabric for a subtle shadowing effect—the added dimension gives that 'looks-great-but-can't-pin-down-why' appearance that separates you from the pack. Sharp and sleek, the classic suit from G2000's S/S16 collection is one that makes a formidable wardrobe stable.  

Toss on this lightweight blazer and keep your cool—even in the rapidly escalating temperatures of this sunny isle. Cut a dashing figure as you pound the streets in search of that Next Big Thing (it might be closer than you think), with the casual blazer's ure cotton fabric keeping you comfortable in the maddening heat. Even in comfort, style is never compromised, with the blazer's slightly structured silhouette adding a touch of polish that instantly elevates your ensemble.

For further jauntiness of step, roll up those sleeves for a summer look that has just the right measure of insouciance. Alternatively, play with a vibrant pop of colour within for the weekend and you're all set to blaze trails. 

Suits mean business, and we know you're taking no prisoners style-wise with the classically powerful dark blazer-pants combo. G2000's suit collection for S/S16 reinforces this look-sharp-for-work mentality, by providing a collection that combines classic suiting with subtle detailing to give you the edge. With that business meeting done-and-dusted though, it's time to lose the tie and meet the fellas for a round of drinks. Instead of the usual ol' shirt, switch it up a little with a polo tee that is an unexpected yet classy choice. The contrasting two-tone collar hem is a dapper detail that sparks interest—possibly from the lady at the next table.

Summer is a great time to make some bolder fashion choices. Show some individuality (and guts) even in the most conservative of environments as you amp up your style with an eye for details, details, details. G2000's S/S16 range of polo tees serves up contrasting collars, sorbets summer hues and even metal zips as little bits of rebellion against bland uniformity. For the daredevil equivalent, try the Pique polo with its stand-out details: patterned collars of the floral or check variety, or contrast stitching and piping for true contemporary flair.