Ask Janie: There Is Hair Coming Out From My Jacket. Help!

Esquire's Fashion Director helps a colleague out of a hairy situation.

BY Janie Cai | Apr 21, 2016 | Fashion

Head writer Wayne Cheong looking dapper but mighty perplexed in his vintage Visvim jacket, which, for whatever reason, is sprouting hair

From Wayne Cheong, Head Writer at Esquire Singapore
“OMG I am pulling out strands of hair from my jacket. Why? Is this normal? Should I stop? “


Fashion Director at Esquire Singapore

First off, stop pulling out the fibres, Wayne. STOP. They're probably fibres from the horsehair canvas lining. Your Visvim jacket (shown above) that you bought online from Japan probably has a floating canvas, meaning that it isn’t fused together. One of the more widely used canvas pieces is made from horsehair, which gives the front of your jacket more structure but also keeps it pliable. Over time, especially as a  secondhand garment, individual fibres may loosen and get dislodged.

Wayne waves one of the hairs he has pulled out in the past five minutes, it is black and has a root. Eeeeuw.  Truth be told, the hair in his hand doesn’t look anything like the fibres from a horsehair canvas. This looks suspiciously like real hair—black, 4 inches in length and quite thick and unwieldy. According to Wayne, this is the sixth one he has pulled since this morning.

That’s gross. It’s probably a medieval hair-shirt under that. You say you got it online off an obscure second-hand clothing website? It’s probably made from the hair of haunted uncles; you’re going to have something crawl out of your closet and up your bed tonight. Still, the jacket looks good on you, very dapper. 

I have to admit that I'm stumped here. Let's open this up to the floor—any hazarded guesses as to what is coming out of Wayne's jacket guys? Short of bringing the fibre to a forensics lab or cutting up the jacket?