So Style For What: The Uniform

Should you be streamlining your wardrobe?

BY EUGENE LIM | Aug 31, 2016 | Fashion

I shaved all my hair off.
Unsurprisingly, my mates started to question my decision to willingly adopt the haircut of National Service recruits.
Their line of inquiry was mainly centred around three themes—an altruistic support of The Hair for Hope campaign, our nation's call to be conscripted back into her forces, and my sanity.
It was none of the above—it was an effort to simplify the decisions I have to make about my appearance, something that also motivated my decision to not wear contacts lens. 
Which brings me to the point of this week's piece—should I be doing the same for the wardrobe? Take Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, and Albert Einstein for instance—men who changed and shaped our world—they did so with streamlined wardrobes. One look to rule them all. Should I follow in their footsteps? 
Having a go-to uniform would be a generous gift of time and intellectual freedom, both sorely lacking in our times. While I contemplated taking the plunge, I couldn't help but remember the good old' school days. While uniforms were mandatory, everyone, from the students acing classes to the rebellious ones doing their best to skip them, all strived to break the dress code in our own individual, unique ways.
Trousers worn extra low, ankle socks, opting for white shoes when the dress code demanded black, shirts untucked at the back (it was so bad that the school made an executive decision to go with untucked shirt—everyone then decided to all tuck in our shirts).
Making the move to streamline our wardrobe would be the expedient thing to do, but I still crave the freedom to express myself with clothes. So I settled for the middle ground—instead of sticking to one outfit for the foreseeable future, take a cue from some of the best menswear designers out there and adopt an article of clothing as your go-to staple, like Hedi Silmane during his time at Saint Laurent with the black skinny jeans, or Thom Browne with the skrunken grey suits, and build your look around it. 
I won't be saving the world, or solving the mystries of the cosmos anytime soon, but this decision certainly makes it a hell lot easier and quicker to get dressed in the morning, and gives me a few more valuable minutes of shut eye too, if I might add.