Reebonz's Men's Range

We talk to Daniel Lim, co-founder and Head Merchandiser of Reebonz about the brand's men's range.

BY WAYNE CHEONG | May 20, 2016 | Fashion

As an online portal for the sale and purchase of luxury goods, Reebonz, has been on the e-commerce scene for the longest time. But recently, the company, once catered to solely the female market, has decided to include a men’s range. 

Why the decision to have a men's range at this late of a juncture?
The younger generations of consumers today are tech-savvy and time-constrained so understanding their buying habits allows us to cater to their changing needs. With a growing demand by male consumers buying into the luxury market, we see the potential of growing the brand, especially in the Asia Pacific region.

What kind of purchasing differences did you discover between the sexes?
The majority of our community of sellers and buyers on Reebonz Closets are women but we have also noticed a budding community of men who are just beginning to trade [there as well]. It would appear that the men are only just beginning to warm up to the idea of buying and selling pre-loved luxury designer items.

Aside from the low cost of the men's range, what are some of your personal favourite picks?
Lucky for us, the athleisure trend is still enduring and convenience is in. Backpacks and sneakers still remain high on the lust list. Backpacks are convenient and I love the rugged design of this backpack by Italian label The Bridge. It is spacious and holds all my necessities and then some. Its leather design pairs well with a pair of jeans as well as formal wear, making it suitable for almost every occasion, from a day at the office to a weekend trip out of town.

I’ve also taken a liking to these distressed sneakers by Italian label, Golden Goose. The streamline design and fashionably worn design gives off a sort of stylish nonchalance.

What's the game plan against other online stores like Zalora?
We are not simply an e-commerce platform but rather, a luxury eco-system that journeys with our customers. [Our site] boasts unique capabilities such as the Reebonz Atelier, a team of professionally trained artisans who inspect, grade and authenticate all items that are bought and sold on Reebonz Closets [and] I truly believe that gives us a very unique edge, which we will continue to fortify and strengthen, creating a space unique to Reebonz.