Gucci Ace Sneakers

What your Gucci sneakers are up to? Any clues?

BY EUGENE LIM | Aug 2, 2016 | Fashion

Creative Director of Gucci, Alessandro Michele is breathing new life into the luxury house with his vision of '70s vintage styling, gender bending and liberal use of embellishments. 
What hasn't been discussed very much, however, is his efforts in reviving and reworking iconic pieces from the house archive to spearhead the #GucciGram initiative, which gives artists from around the world the freedom to reinterpret the history of Gucci prints in any way they deem fit (Hey Disney, take note). 
Their latest initiative, the #24hourAce celebrates the launch of the Ace sneaker, and invited different artists to interpret the embellished yet functional sneakers in the form of a moving image.
Our favourite is the one by Candian Artist, James Kerr, which sees him using characters from old religious paintings to animate a day in a life of the Ace Sneaker that wakes up at 7:00AM, works out, rides a bike, absolutely ace his meetings and hits the clubs. Feel bad about your life yet? 
Check out the rest of works of different artists invited by Gucci here