40 Style Commandments For Men, According To Women

Esquire's Fashion Stylist embarks on a quest to seek out style commandments for men, from women. Here is what he found.

BY Eugene Lim | Apr 26, 2016 | Fashion

Paris Men's Fashion Week | Walter Van Birendonck 2011

1 | Thou shall not wear square-toed shoes.

2 | Thou shall not wear suspenders and a belt, at the same time.

3 | Thou shall not wear socks and sandals. Especially not bunny socks and white sandals.

4 | Thou shall learn to dress to hide their flaws, for example, not attempting to pull off a skin tight polo T-shirt when thou are sporting a huge beer belly.

5 | Thou shall turn up, but never the collars of polo tee or shirt.

6 | Thou shall not wear Crocs.

7 | Thou shall own at least one nice suit that fits.

8 | Thou shall not be seen carrying thy girlfriend’s bag.

9 | Thou shall not be seen in jeans and pointy-toed shoes.

10 | Thou shall trim thy nails.

11 | Thou shall wear a belt with thy jeans.

12 | Thou shall not wear berms and slippers, at the same time.

13 | Thou shall shave theirs pits, if thou plans to wear clothes that reveal said pits.

14 | Thou shall shower in the morning.

15 | Thou shall own a pair of nice boots.

16 | Thou shall not own a shirt that is too tight that stretches the buttons and reveals thy hairy belly.

17 | Thou shall have a nice haircut, preferably one of the slick-back variety.

18 | Thou shall be brave enough to incorporate colour into thy wardrobe.

19 | Thou shall not wear tight trousers that reveals thy bulge.

20 | Thou shall wear cologne. But not too much. 

21 | Thou shall keep the flip flop option confined to the beach only.

22 | Thou shall not have a Velcro wallet.

23 | Thou may sport a beard if it’s well groomed, but never chest hair.

24 | Thou should never have pit stains.

25 | Thou shall not wear V necks T-shirts.

26 | Thou shall own nice shoes.

27 | Thou shall not wear three-quarter berms.

28 | Thou shall own a nice fitted jacket.

29 | Thou shall own a non-flashy chunky watch.

30 | Thou shall not skip leg day if thou plans on wearing a fitted tank top.

31 | Thou shall not wear neon coloured sports gear.

32 | Thou shall not wear large statement frames. Especially if thy eyesight is perfect.

33 | Thou shall not unbutton their shirts till the point of exposing their navel.

34 | Thou shall understand fit and body type, and then anything thou wears will automatically look good.

35 | Thou shall not wear a short sleeve business shirt with a tie

36 | Thou shall not wear stained shirts.

37 | Thou shall wear a bowtie when thou is wearing a tuxedo.

38 | Thou shall not wear French cuff shirts without a jacket.

39 | Thou shall not attempt to dress street if thou is not “G” enough.

40 | Thou shall not stuff all his earthly possessions into his pants pocket, instead, thou should get a bag.