The Ultimate Gift Guide 2016: Really Expensive Things

Out of impulse, Michael Baxter— played by comedian Tim Allen— once bought a tank in an episode of Last Man Standing to the dismay of his wife. That’s the only pop culture card you need right now: “But Tim got a tank!”

BY Zul Andra | Dec 8, 2016 | Accessories

Zafirro Iridium Razor
From Zafirro

According to Bright Light Ventures, the Portland-based innovation incubator, which built this sapphire razor blade together with Zafirro: “Expertise in fields as varied as rocket engine manufacturing, nanotechnology and particle physics were required.” Finally, Superman has found himself a decent shaver. Justifiably so, since the blades are made from artificial sapphire grown at a former Soviet lab in Ukraine and the slicers are 80 atoms thick on the cutting edge—that’s 1/10,000th the width of a hair. Great for very hairy and very rich people. What’s even more functional, according to the manufacturer, is that the handle is made from 99.9 percent iridium—a metal found in meteorites. Because who knows, you might drop this razor in a volcano and it won’t melt. That said, the blade stays sharp for a year, but the manufactures promises complimentary cleaning and sharpening for a decade.

Louis Vuitton Mahjong Trunk Case
From Louis Vuitton

We’ve checked—this doesn’t come with a feng shui master. At the price of a midrange HDB renovation in Singapore, Louis Vuitton’s mahjong set also comes with the familiar noise of clacking tiles. (Hint: Chinese New Year is around the corner, anyway.) In the trunk are 148 tiles made of bone and bamboo, six dice, one owner chip, four wind chips and 120 sticks to count points. The trunk itself is customisable with a choice of Monogram canvas, Damier checks or other iconic Louis Vuitton materials with the addition of various coloured Vuittonite and microfiber linings. The set can be further personalised with initials, stripes and motifs on either Monogram or Damier canvases. A prized gift for gambling gods.

Ralph Lauren Kipton Mixologist Box
From Ralph Lauren

Hey, would you like a cocktail once you are done drooling all over this sexy mixologist box? Give your loved ones the gift of humblebrag with this beautiful—come on, it can’t be that subjective—tipple accompaniment. With an assortment of barware, a hand-cut crystal decanter and old-fashioned glasses from the Polo Bar, Ralph Lauren’s flagship restaurant in New York City, this saddle leather carrying case takes your hosting prowess from amateur to connoisseur.