Ceccotti Collezioni builds the perfect wardrobe for men

Look at this goddamn wardrobe, guys!

BY JANIE CAI | Jan 1, 2016 | Accessories

Photograph from Ceccotti Collezioni

For contemporary furniture design company, Ceccotti Collezioni, applying understated yet innovative shapes to noble materials has been a constant throughout their almost 60 years in existence. The time has come for the gentleman to finally get his own wardrobe—and a foldout one at that.

The Gentleman’s Wardrobe is a masterpiece of Italian design with no more than 10 editions worldwide. Imagined by Guglielmo Ulrich for the brand, it is a sartorial Narnia constructed with built-in rosewood, maple interiors and ebony handles that opens to reveal a world of efficiently organised space.

Elegant compartments and shelving each serve a purpose, but it is the hidden drawers in the wardrobe’s clever engineering that sets it apart. And, like all pieces from the Ceccotti Collezioni range, it is entirely handcrafted in the production facility in Tuscany.

The Gentlemen’s Wardrobe is available at Asiatique Collections at 14A Dempsey Road.