3 Backpacks In Black For The Man On The Go

Because it's time to ditch the novelty packs

BY Janie Cai | Apr 28, 2016 | Accessories

The trick is to get one that doesn’t make you look like you’re fresh from school or hitch-hiking through the Asian jungles (or a hunting trophy maniac). Size is important, as is looking good. Which is why we’ve stuck to the classic shade of noir for these three backpack styles. So you’ll be able to carry all your needs without ever dropping the look.

1 | Tod’s backpack in spatulate leather with zip fastening and front pocket with double stripes in hammered leather

The hand-painted texture keeps things interesting, even as the spacious interior leaves enough room for laptop et al. The best part? It’s special construction and fine leather also makes it super light compared to other full leather backpacks. Great for when you are out all day.

2 | Saint Laurent Classic Hunting Backpack in black nylon canvas and leather with signature embossed exterior zip pocket

Sleek, sharp and stylish. What more do you need?

3 | Louis Vuitton Christopher PM backpack in Epi leather

With over 160 years expertise in creating the luxury luggage, you can be sure that this double-buckle backpack is a sublime combination of form and function.