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A Bitter Music Video

If you were at Charlie Lim's performance during the recent SingJazz Festival and wondered, what the singer-songwriter's tunes would look like, how serendipitous because there's a music video for his song, "Bitter".

BY WAYNE CHEONG | Mar 22, 2016 | Music

Charlie Lim, local singer-songwriter and spokesperson of button-up shirts, released a music video that is reminiscent of Tim Burton's illustrations.

Based from the song, "Bitter" from Lim's sophomore album, TIME/SPACE, Australian artist and singer, Anita Lester, was roped in to direct and animate the music video. The video in "Bitter" is set out like an adult fairy tale; it's child-like and melancholy, filled with love and loss, the sort befitting of the simple narrative of a ghost in love.

Charlie Lim's TIME/SPACE is out now on iTunes and from Bandcamp.