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Watch Singapore get blown up to smithereens by aliens in Independence Day: Resurgence

Hey look, it's Marina Bay Sands.

BY EDITORS | Feb 8, 2016 | Film & TV

Screenshot from Independence Day: Resurgence/20th Century Fox


We'll make this blanket assumption that not many Singaporeans, busy with the Chinese New Year festivity, know what's going outside of their homes.

In the US, they just witnessed your backyard being completely annihilated by aliens. Yes, aliens. Are you aware of this? No. All you care about is your pineapple tarts.

Also, if you cared about American football—the Super Bowl 50 that just ended, to be exact—you'd notice the CBD being torn apart in the trailer of Independence Day: Resurgence.

No huat (loosely translated in Mandarin to "wish for prosperity") is given here. Now go back to your merrymaking and discuss this critical situation with your loved ones.