Man at His Best

Louis CK's new web series

On a sleepy Saturday morning, without hint or preview, Louis CK released his latest project: a web series

BY WAYNE CHEONG | Feb 1, 2016 | Film & TV

Title card of Horce and Pete

It should be pointed out that this isn't a comedy. Well, not entirely.

The latest project from Louis CK, Emmy-winning comedian and savvy content distributor, is Horace and Pete–a web series that takes place in a dive bar.

Yes, already it bears a passing familiarity to Cheers but like we mentioned before, this isn't a comedy... well, not entirely.

Barflies with famous faces (hello, Jessica Lange) hang around whilst discussing politics, as the world outside beats upon the door.

This is a sort of sanctuary-seen-through-a-shot-glass, where the American spectrum gather and ponder about the state of their nation and where it’s heading.

Filmed like a stage play, Horace and Pete carries with it a bit of Arthur Miller’s sensibilities (or at least a shadow of his spectre), where profanities fly with none of the weight of a pie in the face and relationships are tested and strained to the point of dissolution.

It can get uncomfortable, and without a laugh track, the average viewer might not view Horace and Pete as a comedy.

But it’s funny because what is shown is true.

Thanks to Louis CK’s direct-to-consumer model, Horace and Pete is available for download at USD5 at