Man at His Best

The Simpsons Improve American politics

If only politics were this entertaining.

BY WAYNE CHEONG | Feb 23, 2016 | Film & TV

Screenshot from FOX

There's a reason why the term, "theatre of politics" exist. It's all a show of who is the best person of the position before we finally see the lead in all his or her glory in the final act under the spotlight. Local politics included and especially, oh boy, the grand matinee in America, where character assassinations are as bountiful as their growing war chest.

Politeness and facts are not readily present during the debates, especially on the Republicans side with Donald Trump and Ted Cruz leading the pack. In the video, Marge Simpson tries to dream of a world where candidates run on solid political platforms instead of brandishing a dagger meant for an opponent's back.

It all goes belly up but maybe the added violence is for the best because as of now, words, both kind and nasty, are not getting the numbers in. Getting one's knuckles scrapped, a cheek or two turning into the colour of overripe fruit, blood speckling the floor... some actions are louder than words.

That won't happen in real life but we can only dream. Or just see our darkest fantasies played out in a cartoon clip.