Man at His Best

Watch Ben Affleck React To The Bad Batman V Superman Reviews

Ben Affleck's reaction to the reviews is perhaps the only thing more depressing than the movie.

BY Patrick Chew | Mar 26, 2016 | Film & TV

Well it's no secret—the world hates Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. In fact, the criticism has been so widespread that even Batman and Superman themselves have heard about it. In an interview with Yahoo Movies' Tom Butler, Affleck got noticeably despondent when the topic of bad reviews was brought up. It was a type of soulless expression on his face that really makes you wonder what he was thinking about at that moment. 

He might have been asking himself why he agreed to do this film in the first place. Or maybe he was having war flashbacks from his Daredevil days. Then again, he could have just had a long day. It might have been his twelfth interview of the day and all he could really think about was going back to his hotel room to watch The Avengers

Thankfully, someone has answered that question. He was simply comforting himself with Simon & Garfunkle's The Sound of Silence. Case closed.