Man at His Best

Will Ferrell Might Just Be The World's Greatest Football Club Owner

It's going to take two years but ​the Los Angeles Football Club is going to be awesome.

BY MATT MILLER | Feb 17, 2016 | Culture

Can you imagine Will Ferrell being your boss? He'd show up to the office in a thong to show his patriotism. He'd pretend to be an exotic animal trainer. If you plan on playing or working for the newly minted Los Angeles Football Club, Ferrell (who is part-owner of the team) will indeed be your boss. The team will hit the field in two years, and Ferrell really wants to build the stadium, as he told Jimmy Fallon last night. He'll be Steinbrenner-esque, firing and hiring a single player 10 times in one season. He'll allow his players make phone calls from the pitch and sit on the opposing team's bench. He'll start Cleveland Steamers chants. This team might not win, but it will certainly play the most entertaining soccer games you'll ever see. Just don't forget how much Ferrell f*cking loves soccer. He was even in that really horrible 2005 movie Kicking & Screaming:

First published in Esquire US.