Man at His Best

Weekly Roundup: "O Captain! My Captain" And The Presence Of American-Asian Actors

Five things that happened this week that everyone should read about.

BY WAYNE CHEONG | May 27, 2016 | Culture

1 | So... Captain America is now a Nazi, say what? In the bid to counter DC's revamped of its comic book universe, Marvel decided to make turn its American Boyscout into a card-carrying member of Hydra, a neo-facist organisation. Not a clone, not an imposter, the. Actual. Captain America. Heidi MacDonald of The Beat, frames the issue, ending the piece with this telling statement of our time and culture: "On a larger level, Marvel is totally winning! They’re getting the kind of publicity and attention that a million dollars can’t buy. They won. Hate and Hydra beat hope and optimism yet again."

2 | Hey. Remember the dude who tried to kill President Ronald Reagan? No? Huh. Well, you're about to get the skinny on John Hinckley, the presidential almost-assassin from Washingtonian's Eddie Dean. Not only is Hinckley still alive, he helps his mom around the house, feeds the swans, and is an eater of frozen yogurt. Get ready to meet John Hinckley.

3 | After surviving Ebola, Dr Sadou Diallo is back in the field, this time to stop it from spreading. For many people, being infected and surviving a haemorrhagic disease is more than enough to keep you away from Ebola-hot zones for the rest of your life but Diallo sees it as a "benediction to treat the sick". Jessica Benko showcases a man trying to prepare for the next deadly Ebola attack at The New York Times Magazine.

4 | "We're here! We're Asian-Americans!" After getting a starring role on Fresh Off the Boat, Constance Wu's self-interest gradually evolved to "Asian-American interests". Like black actors, Asian American actors also want their place under the sun. After miscasts (Dr Strange; Ghost in the Shell) and being the butt of jokes (this year's Oscars), Asian-American actors are clamouring for more visibility on the screen, both big and small. The New York Times's Amanda Hess writes about Asian-Americans actors fighting back.

5 | What ever happened to Tamara Keepness? Or more importantly, what happened on the night when Tamara Keepness dissapeared? Jana G Pruden writes for The Walrus about what might have happenedthe suspect, the motives, the evidencea scenario jigsawed together on a night 12 years ago and a trail of finding Tamara that grows ever colder.