Man at His Best

Weekly Roundup: A Killer Of Cats And Liquid Assets

Five things that happened this week that everyone should read about.

BY WAYNE CHEONG | May 20, 2016 | Culture

1 | Let's face it, we’d never expected a reality show personality to be the potential Commander-in-Chief. We don’t take Donald Trump seriously enough to handle national decisions. We prefer our Donald to be the toothless foil on TV, who spouts pop culture catchphrases like “you’re fired”. So how did it get to this? Robert Draper from The New York Times pieces together the narrative of this dark horse's rise to the political circus.

2 | The whole debate on free-will versus determinism and sometimes the marriage of the two resulting in compatibilism is a tricky existentialism minefield to traverse. Let The Atlantic’s Stephen Cave be your Virgil on this journey and at the end of it, what you choose to believe, well… that’s entirely up to you.

3 | There’s something about a killer of household pets that society would like to doom to a circle of hell that’s worse than pedophilia and filicide. So, when a pair of private eyes takes it upon themselves to hunt down a serial pet-murder in London’s suburbs, their task makes it as thrilling as any other Jeffery Deaver’s novel. Chris Newens from Narratively brings us this story.

4 | The trailer for the next Start Trek movie was a little divisive due to the action-packed nature but there are more beneath the layers of explosions and Beastie Boys’ “Sabotage”. The marketing department is behind the trailer not Justin Lin, who is well-known for his directorial helming of some of the Fast and the Furious movies is now the director of Star Trek Beyond. Whether he is able to gain the good graces of the Trekkies remains to be seen, it’s better to discover Wired’s writer Logan Hill reveal who Lin really is.

5 | Here’s something unusual: a water sommelier. Head over to Pacific Standard and read Ryan O’Hanlon’s account on Martin Riese, the aforementioned water sommelier and after poring through Riese’s defense of his craft and high-end water, see if it will cause you to do a spit take.