Man at His Best

Weekly Roundup: Of Fables And Pet Freezing

Five things that happened this week that everyone should read about.

BY WAYNE CHEONG | Jun 3, 2016 | Culture

1 | For your first long read, it’s a piece from The New Yorker, a fictional piece by Charles Yu and it’s also a fable, both in title and theme.

2 | Poverty has gone from a silent creep to a clumsy march at our doorsteps. Countries that were once thought as “economically stable” are shown to be cardboard giants. In this piece by Florian Diekmann and Britta Kollenbroich for Spiegel Online, we examine what it means to be poor in Deutschland.

3 | As the Voice of Protest, Bob Dylan, is still relevant, especially in this day and age. When it comes social injustices and issues, even if Dylan isn’t at the forefront leading a rousing protest song, at least, his spirit lives on. Atticus Review’s Matthew Panzera looks back on the musician’s life and discovers more than a “song-and-dance man”.

4 | In the spirit of 140 characters, here’s @nickbilton for @VFhive on @Twitter’s survival and its hopes pinned on its co-founder: @Jack Dorsey.

5 | If pet owners have their way, soon in some near future, dogs and cats won’t be “relocated to a farm”, they will, instead, have a second lease at life. In this stranger-than-life science piece by Kate Knibbs for The Ringer, we examine the possibilities with cyrofreezing and cloning of Fluffy. The future is now.