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Weekly Roundup: Science Of The Dead And Revisiting A Lonely Girl

Five things that happened this week that everyone should read about.

BY Wayne Cheong | Jun 17, 2016 | Culture

1 | The CSI series might look like every investigation is neatly solved at the end of the hour but those are usually liberties taken by the screenwriters. Forensic applications in a CSI show isn’t as clear cut as it seem but as science advances, it’s giving forensic investigators the upper hand in solving cases. But it’s also shining the light on past mistakes in investigations. National Geographic’s Veronique Greenwood gives us the story.

2 | Okay. So, your Facebook feed is probably filled with articles and statuses about getting AR-15 guns out of US civilians’ hands. That’s fine. Here’s another article about the AR-15 but this time, it’s an argument for why "the AR-15 is needed". This is just a Medium article by Jon Stokes about the other side of the issue. It might not change your mind about keeping the AR-15 off the street but it will, at least, be informative.

3 | Guys! Remember Worms? The strategy computer game, where you pit your team of worms to annihilate an opposing team of worms with various weapons? No? Well, here’s a refresher by Simon Parkin for Ars Technica about Worms’ developer, UK’s most tenacious indie games company, Team17.

4 | Back then, before the Internet, we book our travels with agents. But now, we’re scouring the net looking for deals. Within the span of 20 years, online travel is now the de facto method of planning for a trip but how did this happen? Dennis Schaal submitted this oral history for Skift.

5 | When confessional video bloggers started flooding YouTube, one user stood out: Lonelygirl15. Her real name was Bree and she was 16. She detailed her life, amassed a number of subscribers but Lonelygirl15 was an orchestration of writers and actors. Writing for The Guardian, Elena Cresci revisited Lonelygirl15 and the viral sensation it created.