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Weekly Roundup: A Life Of 13 And Facing Your Fears

Five things that happened this week that everyone should read about.

BY Wayne Cheong | Jun 10, 2016 | Culture

1 | The gene is a selfish gene. It is evolutionary as it adapts through leaps and bounds, it will outpace the rest, leaving them to wither in the dust of entropy. But maybe it’s too simplistic to think of self-preservation, selfishness, as something ingrained in our genetic blueprint. What if selfishness is learned? Matthew Hutson from Nautilus tells us more.

2 | Are you ready for a harrowing tale of police brutality and the cop that almost got away with it? Where the mindless actions of the Man in Blue led his victim to the Undiscovered Country and back again and now on a long road to recovery and justice? The Intercept and The Investigative Fund at The Nation Institute bring you Nick Berardini and Matt Stroud’s story.

3 | Tolstoy famously wrote that "All happy families are alike; each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way". For the Hyde siblings, the unhappiness stems from gender dysmorphia. In Alex Morris’ article about the Hydes (Justine, who used to be Felix and Jeena, who used to be James), courtesy of The New York Magazine, we trace their discovery of who they are and how this particular family find their happiness.

4 | The life of today's 13-year-old female might be how you think it'ld be. At some level, we have an idea but we won’t fully understand what teenagers are going through today. But as we find out in Jessica Contrera’s piece for The Washington Post, the language might be different but all those emotions, secret hopes and fears, all that are as familiar as the day before we outgrew 13.

5 | What if there was an option to rid your fears through a radical new treatment? In Ben Crair’s story for New Republic, the hero of this piece is Merel Kindt, and her quest to help her patients to face up to their fears.