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The Weekend Roundup: Mayday

Horror! Terror! Suspense! It was a weekend full of surprises.

BY Zul Andra | May 16, 2016 | Culture

1 | Language: Singlish entries in Oxford English Dictionary baffle native speakers all across the land
“Teh tarik”—MS Word autocorrects this as “The tarik” (English for “the pull”; which makes for a nice title for a horror flick)—and 19 other Singaporean terms have been included in the Oxford dictionary. We find some of the oft-used colloquial terms out of place especially for words that are either taken from the Malay language or Hokkien dialect. But whatever, lah. In means in already.

2 | Politics: Indonesia reviewing cooperation with Singapore
Ever since Indonesia’s Minister of Environment and Forestry, Siti Nurbaya, questioned Singapore’s criticism over its management of forest fires, the Minister has now decided to review both countries’ relationship in its entirety. Channel NewsAsia reported that Nurbaya will be heading a review process and “that this could see some existing bilateral collaborations terminated”. Are we breaking up? Do you need space? What can we do to make you feel better? She added that, “We are only going to inform Singapore at a later stage, of the existing bilateral collaborations that are to be terminated, as well as those planned collaborations which will not go ahead. Basically, we only feel obliged to notify them (the Singapore Ministry of the Environment and Water Resources) of our decisions.” Don’t like that, lah. Can talk one what?

3 | Terrorism: Fake terror attack on Cannes film stars' hotel
In a publicity stunt gone wrong, Paris-based Internet company Oraxy staged a fake terror attack during the Cannes film festival. The men in ISIS-like gears and flag—which bore the logo of the company—were attempting to storm the dock of the five-star Hotel du Cap where most celebrities and VIPs congregated. After causing widespread panic, the participants in the stunt were not arrested. The company aims to stage other publicity stunts during the festival according to The Hollywood Reporter “if the weather improves.” Si bei boliao.

4 | Terrorism: Manchester United-Bournemouth game abandoned due to terror scare
Sunday’s game between United and Bournemouth was called off after ground staff alerted police of a suspicious item in the toilet of the stadium. A controlled explosion was carried out by a bomb disposal unit. Police has identified the realistic-looking explosive device as an item left by a private company during a training exercise. BBC reports that Manchester United stand to lose GBP3million from the postponement of the game. Walauweh.

5 | Sports: Bayern Munich, Barcelona and, erm, Andy Murray lift titles over the weekend
Luis Suarez hat-trick confirms Barcelona La Liga title win; Bayern Munich beat Hannover to clinch Bundesliga title and Andy Murray defeated Novak Djokovic in straight sets to win Italian Open. Now the bookies can lepak for a while.