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The Weekend Roundup: Bidding Bye To Bikinis, Arrests In Istanbul, And More Death

The world is in shambles, as usual.

BY BEATRICE BOWERS | Jul 4, 2016 | Culture

1 | Beauty contests: Miss Teen USA Swaps Out Bikini Segment For Atheleisure
In a move termed as an "important cultural shift", Miss Teen USA has opted to can their popular bikini showcase segment. Bikinis will now be replaced with atheletic wear, and one can expect the teenage contenders to saunter down the runway on July 30 clad in sports bras, leggings and Nikes, to the chagrin of many a male fan. President of Miss Universe, Paula Shugart, commented that the change intends for fans to "recognise these young women for the strong, inspiring individuals they are", but we reckon respect should be commanded no matter what these young ladies don, no?

2 | Politics: The Benghazi Reports Evinces The End Of News Objectivity
It doesn't take a political analyst to know that news subjectivity is always insidiously present in political reporting, but the Benghazi reports have flipped attempts at coversion on its head. Left and right wing American news outlets made their reporting bias so obvious in reports, spurring headlines that demanded attention like an old aunt belching her lungs out at the dinner table. The 800-page report aims to determine whether Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is to blame for the four American deaths in Libiya during 2012, but in the age where everyone's bandwidth for news spans 140 characters, news outlets have taken it upon themselves to demolish objectivity with furious finger-pointing to no avail. What does this spell for audiences? It's a massive buffet with scandal for everyone's appetites, and barely any answers in sight. 

3 | Celebrity: Katy Perry Is The Most Followed Person On Twitter
Cue the fireworks, Katy Perry has amassed 90.1 million followers on Twitter. That puts her way above Justin Bieber (83.9 million), Taylor Swift (79 million), and Barrack Obama (75.8 million). With enlightening insights into her life like "I just dabbed as I sneezed into my arm. I'm gonna give myself a 5 minute timeout now", and "When you can meditate through construction noise #blessed", we can't see why anyone wouldn't want to jump on the follow bandwagon. Or care, really.

4 | Terrorism: Two ISIS Suspects Arrested For Istanbul Airport Attacks
The terror attacks at Istanbul's Ataturk Airport shook the world last Tuesday night, amassing a heart-wrenching death toll of 44 individuals, and another 239 injured. Nearly a week has passed, and furious investigations have come to fruition, with two ISIS suspects apprehended, according to Turkey's Andalou news agency. One is a 25 year-old with both Russian and Krygyz passports, while the other, a 35 year-old, held a Ukranian passport, none belonging to them. Both arrived from Ukraine to Ataturk on Sunday night with military items in possesion. Further interrogations are in place. 

5 | Sports: A Celebratory Olympic Rings Performance In Brazil Sees Two Skydivers Fall To Their Deaths
Rio 2016 has been one of the most problematic Olympic Games to date, with growing corruption scandals shaking Brazillian politics. With abject turmoil rearing its head at every corner, one would expect an a commemorative aerial show in the spirit of the Olympics would invite some brief respite, but Brazil can't seem to catch a break. As a group of 28 aerial divers attempted to create the Olympic rings while in freefall, two performers collided mid-air, causing their parachutes to become intertwined. Both fell to their deaths. The victims were National Skydiving Champion, Gustavo Correa Garcez, and instructor Guilherme Bastos Padilha. The Rio 2016 Games committee have asserted that the aerial performance was not a part of the official opening ceremony to be held on August 5.