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The Weekend Roundup: Of Winners And Whiners

Family feud, political corruption, blood sport, a possible world war and a presidential candidate inability to “subway”.

BY Zul Andra | Apr 11, 2016 | Culture

1| PM Lee Hsien Loong vs Dr Lee Wei Ling (his sister) with a special guest appearance by Ho Ching (his wife) and a monkey showing a middle finger (not related to anyone). It was surprising for us to see Singapore’s Prime Minister publicly revealing his disappointment over his sister’s comment—a claim that he abused his power to commemorate the one-year anniversary of Lee Kuan Yew’s passing. PM Lee is usually very reserved about his private life. On the other hand, Dr Lee—already on the back of a public spat with Straits Times’ Associate Editor, Ivan Fernandez, over the questionable editing of her column and allegations of plagiarism by the Editor—is continuing to lead arguments on Facebook. Talking about the social medium, Ho Ching, who’s also the CEO of Temasek Holdings, posted a photo of a monkey showing a middle finger during the tirade. She has since taken down the post. The two-corner fight between Dr Lee and Fernandez is now shaping up towards Royal Rumble proportions.

2 | Manny Pacquiao vs Timothy Bradley: the former wins after 12 rounds and plans to retire and serve the people—except the  gay community of course. We’ll miss you, Manny. But we won’t miss your belief that gay people are “worse than animals”.

3 | Hillary Clinton vs the subway as spoofed by Kate McKinnon for Saturday Night Live's cold open. All because her Metro card failed five times before she could pass the turnstile. Hilarity—get it?—and memes ensues.

4 | 1Malaysia Development Bhd (1MDB) vs Democractic Action Party's Tony Pua resulting from Malaysia’s Public Accounts Committee (PAC) findings. In the latest development on the alleged mismanagement, the PAC has tabled its report and concluded that 1MDB’s performance and financing was “unsatisfactory” while clearing any wrongdoing from Prime Minister Najib Razak. Opposition Member of Parliament Tony Pua, who’s also a PAC member, comments that the findings of dissatisfaction over the running of 1MDB is unsatisfactory. We hope that one day, this 1MDB hoo-ha will somehow make its way over to IMDB instead.

5 | North Korea vs the world as their supreme leader, Kim Jong-un, fist-pumps the air over their successful engine test for ballistic missiles. “Dear comrades, now we can mount an ever more powerful nuclear warhead on a new intercontinental ballistic rocket and put the den of evil in the United States and all over the world within our strike range,” Jong-un said as reported by North’s KCNA news agency. Dude.

[UPDATE: APRIL 11, 2016, 1.30PM] Ho Ching has just explained how the monkey got into her Facebook news feed. Damn you, Twitter!


Peace, folks, and embarrassed apologies from this Twitter newbie.Had been playing around with Twitter y'day, trying...

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