Man at His Best

Indonesia Threatened To Ban Leonardo DiCaprio

And it wasn't because he's too handsome.

BY PETER WADE | Apr 4, 2016 | Culture

Getty / VCG

While other countries, like Russia, are sending homemade Oscars to beloved actor Leonardo DiCaprio, Indonesia is threatening to ban him from entering the country. Why? Leo's Instagram.


Leo was visiting the Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Programme in Indonesia and posted the above image of himself fist bumping a primate. The caption criticised the country for clearcutting rainforests and endangering native wildlife to build extremely profitable palm oil plantations.

In a perfectly rational and proportional response, an official from the Indonesian government said on Saturday, "We can blacklist him from returning to Indonesia at any time if he keeps posting incitement or provocative statements in his social media."

From: Esquire US.