Man at His Best

You Either Have (Or Are) One Of These Types of Dads

Find the dad which best suits you!​

BY JENNY JOHNSON | Jun 19, 2016 | Culture

1 | Cool Dad

Cool dads can be seen at places like Hooters, nightclubs, or on Justin Bieber's Instagram. These men have invested heavily in the leather cuff bracelet industry and CAN'T FUCKING WAIT for their next trip to Vegas. They are no stranger to a spray tan, eyebrow waxing, or declining their kids' phone calls. After the divorce, they went a little crazy leather couch shopping, but they don't seem to think it's a problem (it is). Maxim will always be found next to the toilet, and they are very proud of their collection of empty alcohol bottles.

2 | Wimpy Dad

Break out the SPF 3000 for this little fellow. Seasonal allergy sufferer? Check. Asthma? Check. Fannypack? Check. List maker? You bet your ass he makes a list. He likes to unwind with his friends during his weekly World of Warcraft club meetings. He has every season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer on DVD and never misses Comic Con. But unlike the previous two dads, this dad thinks you're pretty damn cool for going to your senior prom and having friends people can actually see.

3 | Invisible Dad

He's on that picture you carry around with you. That's about it.

4 | Steve

Steve married your mom and now you have a Steve. It took a few years to find something y'all have in common, but eventually you both realised you have a mutual love for Game of Thrones. So Sunday nights are y'all's nights! Sorry, mom! High-five, Steve!

5 | Disappointed Dad

This dad has worked his ass off for you, and by god you are gonna be reminded of it everyday of your life. He runs a company. He was the star of every sport he ever played (according to him). He owns a mean collection of Tommy Bahama shirts and takes Lipitor to control his high cholesterol. Even though he's not a great golfer, it doesn't stop him from throwing his clubs around the golf course like he just lost the Masters. Every weekend meal needs to be steak that is prepared by him on his new grill. And as far as you’re concerned, you are a huge disappointment to him.

From: Esquire US.