Man at His Best

8-man rugby scrum versus Formula One car. What happens next?

The result: lots of smoke, burnt rubber and grown men moaning

BY Patrick Chew | Feb 3, 2016 | Automotive

Photograph and video from Red Bull Content Pool

A Formula One car going at full speed and a full on rugby scrum engagement are the type of things you wouldn't generally want to be in front of. But hey, put them in a face-off and you've definitely got a show. 

And that's precisely what Red Bull Racing did. It brought three-time grand prix winner Daniel Ricciardo and his double title-winning RB8 car to take on 900kg of Bath Rugby's finest at the club's Farleigh House training ground.

"I was excited about the challenge as it's definitely something I've never experienced before," Ricciardo adds.

"Seeing the rugby players take their positions behind the scrum machine right in front of me was somewhat strange. But my competitiveness kicked in, the Honey Badger took over, and I was determined to beat them!"

There could only be one winner, though.