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Trisara Phuket takes our breath away

And the resort's team will GoPro the whole thing for you

BY LESTARI HAIRUL | Dec 1, 2015 | Travel

Photograph from Trisara

This is what you do when you’re tired of the usual—the usual luxury, that is. As far as top-notch stays go, Trisara represents its Sanskrit name well: it most certainly could be the earthly manifestation of a garden in the third heaven—if that garden was a Thai island resort that attracts the rich and the famous.

And now, you can bring all that home—the beauti-ful waters teeming with life, cavorts in gorgeous landscapes both in the air and on pristine beaches or yachts—to relive over and over again, in virtual reality.

You can inflict an even greater sense of FOMO on those who have the good luck to ask, “How was your holiday?” Well, experience it, bitches. VR goggles included! You could get a professional team to do it all for you, or have them put together your personally shot GoPro footage, all storyboarded and edited like a real film.

Except this is realer than real. This is virtually real. Authentic experiences amidst breathtaking views most definitely included.

For reservations, visit Trisara.

First published in Esquire Singapore's December 2015 issue.