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4 Things To Note About The New Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Who has polydactyly and got to stay up late to watch a Samsung live vid that happened half-way around the world? *points three thumbs at himself* This guy. Here’s what went down.

BY WAYNE CHEONG | Aug 4, 2016 | Technology

It was to unveil the new Samsung Galaxy Note 7. Happening in New York, Samsung’s Mobile Chief, DJ Koh, took the stage to highlight the new features that the Galaxy Note 7 would possess and while the specs for the Note 7 is almost identical to the S7 series, there were a few surprises.

1 | Biometric security. Fingerprint scanning is so last year. This time, Samsung is adding an iris recognition tech. Using Samsung’s own proprietary algorithm; the user just has to scan his or her eyes to unlock the phone.

2 | The Note 7 now has an improved stylus—the S Pen—that’s now water resistance, has better pressure sensitivity and a fine point. Software for the S Pen includes a magnifier and a translation tool.

3 | A dual-curved display will be look the Note 7 will sport.

4 | There’s a new USB in town and the Note 7’s is the Type-C, with a symmetrical cable, which means you don’t have to worry about plugging it upside down. Every Note 7 comes with its own adaptor that’s compatible with earlier Galaxy accessories at no additional cost.

The Galaxy Note 7 will retail for SGD1168 and will be available on 20th August. Pre-orders for the Note 7 are available.