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Today In Science: People Get Aroused When They Touch Robot Genitals

​It wasn't even a cute robot.

BY SARAH RENSE | Apr 9, 2016 | Technology

Technology is really coming at this robot sex complex from all angles. Movies like Her test how icky we feel, virtual reality porn edges its way into our homes, and in labs, scientists are hooking us up to robots to see how aroused we get.

Researchers at Stanford University measured participants' reactions to touching different parts of a robot. The robot itself was vaguely humanoid—two arms, two legs, a head—though nothing rivalling Ex Machina's Ava. But those body parts that hold more obvious sexual connotations—the butt, the breasts—elicited stronger responses than fairly neutral body parts like the hands. Here, arousal doesn't necessarily have sexual implications; it simply means a physiological response from participants projecting their own assumptions about those parts onto the robot. The point is humans definitely aren't immune to the potentially seductive power of artificial intelligence.

A sex robot, if that's where science is heading, is a step up from a sex doll and certainly an upgrade from the lacklustre pleasure of VR porn. You just need a very open mind.

From: Esquire US.