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Uber's Latest Feature Is A Blessing To Paranoid Spouses Everywhere

It lets you track where people are going in real time. ​

BY CONOR ALLISON | May 20, 2016 | Technology


If you're all about checking in on a family member, or simply spying on your spouse, Uber has just launched a feature that will aid your snooping ways.

The company's Trip Tracker, part of the recently introduced Family Profile, will allow you to track members of your group in real time. If you're the profile organiser, you'll also receive a copy of the bill. Once someone in your Family Profile requests a ride, you'll be notified with the option to track the journey. Then, you'll be able to follow the ride's progress on the map inside your Uber app, as demonstrated below.

With up to ten members allowed to join any given Family Profile, your lifts could soon turn into a Periscope-like live event. Although, if you're potentially getting the bill covered, becoming your group's celebrity while you get an Uber back from your night shift feels like a small price to pay.

The move will look to bolster the public perception of the ride-hailing company, which paid out USD28.5 million just last month over false safety claims, as they are set to launch the new feature in 60 different countries worldwide.

We look forward to the inevitable tales of "I caught my girlfriend/boyfriend cheating via Uber Trip Tracker" over the coming few months. 

From: Digital Spy.